Monday, September 22, 2014

So many authors!

 On Sunday, September 21st, I had the privilege of working at the Morning Rain Publishing booth as both editor and author. The day started out a bit wet, but by noon, the grey clouds had been swept away by gusts of wind and the sun came out to warm us up.
Morning Rain Publishing - Word On The Street
The Morning Rain Publishing booth at The Word On The Street Festival
Jennifer Bogart Jaquith, Jaclyn Aurore, Jo Clendening
 We had gone to the festival with the intention of selling lots and lots of books, but the real reward in being there came when other Morning Rain Publishing authors started to arrive. We sold each other's books, laughed, joked around, and had a chance to get to know each other outside of online connections. I can honestly say I work with an amazing group of Canadian authors and look forward to more of these events.

Morning Rain Publishing - Word On The Street
Authors Lisa Toohey and L. Lombard being photo-bombed by Jaclyn Aurore

Morning Rain Publishing - Word On The Street
Authors L. Lombard and Kate Baggott
being photo-bombed by authors Lisa Toohey and Jaclyn Aurore
Morning Rain Publishing - Word On The Street
Author E. Graziani and cover designer Jo Clendening

Morning Rain Publishing Authors
Back: Jo Clendeing, Kate Baggott, E. Graziani, L. Lombard, Jaclyn Aurore
Front: Lisa Toohey, Jennifer Bogart
(photo credit - Lisa Toohey)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Busy is good, busy is good, busy is good

I think my last post was in June... which feels like a lifetime ago. The funny thing with life, is that it keeps you so busy that before you know it, months have passed by, and you don't even know where the time went. Since June, I have:
  • participated in Guelph's Faery Fest - and yes, I wore a costume, read from Liminal Lights, and had a great time. 

  • had the privilege of sharing an evening with several Morning Rain Publishing authors - a fantastic group of intelligent and creative women. 
(J.M. Lavallee, Heather Grace Stewart, Nancy Beattie, and me)
  • moved my family from Quebec to Ontario - which was a difficult decision, but we're settling into our new home and meeting some wonderful people. 

That's my summer in a nutshell. My mantra has been "busy is good, busy is good, busy is good" - but I have to admit I'm glad for the routine that autumn is bringing, the slower pace, and the chance to catch up on some writing projects I have in the works.