Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Newevember Virtual Tour!

Over the next few weeks, Newvember will be on tour in the virtual world. Thanks to some pretty wonderful bloggers, readers everywhere will get to learn more about my writing habits and why this novel is so great. 

Below, you'll find the detailed schedule, so please be sure to stop by the various blogs, say hello, comment if you'd like, and enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win one of three pretty amazing prizes ($25 Amazon gift card, Newvember notebook, or a Newvember book bag). 

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Thanks to everyone in advance for your support and encouragement!

Virtual Tour Schedule: 

November 8: Official Tour Launch – JenniferBogart 
November 10: Book & author Intro – PriyaPrithviraj 
November 12: Guest Post – Someday When I’m Famous 
November 14: NaNo Q & A – PriyaPrithviraj
November 16: Guest Post – Mommies Drink 
November 18: Book excerpt and review – Storiesof Chantel DaCosta
November 20: Book Excerpt – To Read, Readand Reviewed…  
November 22: NaNo Follow-up & guest post – Priya Prithviraj 
November 24: Book Review – L.J. Ivers 
November 26: Guest post – Heather GraceStewart
November 28: TBA  – Priya Prithviraj 
November 30: Closing blog – Jennifer Bogart 

1 dare, 30 days, 30 new things... The dare was simple, but it turned into a life-altering journey. This is inspirational thinking in disguise.

When Willow decides to take the stairs, instead of the elevator, she runs into Sawyer, who knocks her off her feet, and something in her psyche shifts. She is propelled into the adventure that is her own life. Filled with twists and turns that can only come from losing her inhibitions, she makes risky decisions, bares her soul, and discovers the chaotic emotions that lurk beneath the surface. Each new event becomes a catalyst in the development of Willow’s relationships with her friends, co-workers, siblings, and love interests.

Willow's life will never be the same after Newvember.

(Originally published in 2011 as Remember Newvember this revised version contains new and expanded scenes.)

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