Friday, August 28, 2015

The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles, Volume 2 - Editor's Review

Welcome to Day Ten of The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles, Volume Two blog tour!

Having worked with Scott in the past, I've come to expect and appreciate a certain quirkiness to his writing. His characters are always rich in depth and emotion, making you believe you could easily run into them on the street - even if they are sprites!

One of his strengths is that he doesn't talk down to middle grade readers. The writing is intelligent, the journey is intense, and it's clear Scott has tremendous respect for his audience. Even though this series is intended for younger readers, adults will also enjoy the wry humour, adventure, and fantasy elements of the stories.

Volume Two of The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles picks up at book four, where the previous chronicles left off. The sprites are in Newfoundland, enjoying maritime traditions when the evil Tory Blithe strikes, spurring them onward in their fantastical quest. Scott introduces his readers to brownies, selkies, and banshees, revealing a mystical world readers of all ages will find intriguing.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

35 000+ steps...

Every day is a new adventure, filled with thoughts, hopes, dreams, and steps... every moment is a passing memory, gone the instant it appears. This week has been filled with steps in a new direction. Travel, whale watching, mountain climbing, stair conquering... bear with me... I'll get to the point soon.

My biggest adventures tend to exist within my imagination. This is natural for a writer. We dream, we create, and we write it all down so that others can experience the amazing journey of our complicated minds. It's impulsive - not something we always do by choice - and it's exciting in its own, quiet way. Even adventures from the real world get magnified, skewed, and turned into juicy tidbits to be savoured later. Not only is it impulsive, it's compulsive. 

Much of my life is spent staring at a computer screen, so the world outside begins to fade and falls into the background. Sometimes, I forget to go outside, but when I do remember, big things happen. This past weekend, I took more than 35 000 steps. That's about 25 kilometres, and not all of those steps were simply going forward, some were going up, some were climbing down, and a few were a mad dash to safety. Each step holds a memory, a story, and an exaggerated tale to tell. 

There's also a moral, here - I need to go outside more. Aside from the health benefits of walking - I do hit the gym three to four times a week, so I don't have a completely sedentary lifestyle - there's something to the rhythmic sound of shoes on pavement, the songs of birds (from a distance, of course), the laughter of small children, and seeing new faces, even in the most cursory way. 

There's more to travel than taking in the sights and enjoying excursions. Being in the moment, cherishing each step, and soaking in the culture - whatever it might be - is invigorating for the body, mind, and soul. 

Granville Market - so many delicious treats to choose from. 

Bald Eagle standing proud. 

Whale watching... they're fast, a little unpredictable, but magnificent to watch. 

Part of the trail to Hollyburn... there were bears along here - minding their own business & eating berries - but we didn't take any chances and backtracked back up the mountain as we weren't prepared to deal with them. 

The Summit at Hollyburn. It was breathtaking. 

Tall tree at Wreck Beach - the trees in Vancouver are simply amazing. 

Sunset on Wreck Beach. Quiet, calm, and filled with secrets. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Playing with videos, Powtoon, and Liminal Lights

So... I made this little video using Powtoon. I'm on the hunt for the best book trailer making software and resources. This was fun and free.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Deep Calling by J.M. Lavallee - Editor's Review

It's Day 8 of the #YADeepCalling blog tour! It's my pleasure to share my thoughts on J.M. Lavallee's YA novel. But first, here's today's word clue: 

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And now... for the review...

As a Morning Rain Publishing editor, manuscripts land in my inbox filled with hope and potential. I get to help them develop from submitted drafts to polished masterpieces. The process is amazing, like watching a child grow into adulthood. J.M. Lavallee’s works inspire me to be a better, more creative editor, because the worlds she builds deserve special attention.

Deep Calling is J.M. Lavallee’s second novel. Written with the author’s flowing tones and descriptive style, it brings to life the beauty and magic of the Lower North Shore of Quebec. Melanie, the granddaughter of a fisherman, hears a name on the wind and feels the irresistible call of the deep sea. Born and raised near the water, she can’t avoid its lure, even when her life is threatened by otherworldly, magical elements.

Manannan, the Tuatha De Danann sea king, wants his soulmate back and believes she rests within Melanie. Rhiannon, his earth-bound counterpart and nemesis, will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening. Their ethereal struggle grips the quiet town of Hailey’s Round, and only Melanie can stop their feud from destroying her world.

J.M. Lavallee delves into a fantasy world made believable by the unique setting and realistic characters. Placed in unusual circumstances, the main character overcomes her fears, personal desires, and insecurities while consistently portraying a strong, female lead. Written for a young adult audience, the romance that sparks between Melanie and Shawn is sweet, while the conflict introduced by Manannan plays upon innate human emotions.

As a reader, I enjoyed every unexpected twist and turn Lavallee introduced. Deep Calling weaves together the salty realism of the landscape, the instability of human emotion, and the unpredictability of otherworldly gods to create a novel of depth and perception. Filled with mystery and insight, readers of all ages will find themselves transported to another place, where fairy tales aren’t always so whimsical.

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About the Author

J. M. Lavallee grew up along the Lower North Shore, Quebec, in the small community of Chevery. Experiencing childhood by the Atlantic resulted in a kindred interest in Celtic Folklore, as well as the English and Irish traditions inherited by East Coast Canadians. 

Devoted to literature, Lavallee spends much of her time reading, writing, and imagining, while working as a Preschool Instructor and Kindergarten assistant in Grovedale, Alberta. Lavallee’s most precious work, however, is shared with her husband through the raising of their two handsome sons. Deep Calling is J.M. Lavallee’s second novel.

You can connect with J.M. Lavallee on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Remarkably Great by Heather Grace Stewart - Editor's Review

Every time an author asks me to edit their work, little goosebumps travel up my arms. They are trusting me with their creativity, their craft, and their writerly feelings. I recognize the privilege and do my best to enhance their works without losing their unique voice, writing style, or intentions.

When Heather Grace Stewart asked me to copy edit RemarkablyGreat, I have to admit I was pretty excited. Having worked on Strangely,Incredibly Good with Morning Rain Publishing, I knew the sequel would be an equally thrilling adventure. You can’t expect anything else when there’s a genie in the mix.

Cat Glamour is back, and she has plans. Big plans. Four years have passed since Gene disappeared in a haze of purple smoke. Her gym, the Cat Walk, is thriving, her girls have grown up, and Gram has had a successful run as Bad Ass Grandma. She even has her own Twitter handle. As successful as her life is, Cat wants her genie back.

Written with warmth and humour, Heather creates realistic characters you can believe in. Cat isn’t perfect. She struggles with self-esteem, her weight, and independence. Her daughters are loving, but sassy, and their relationship is highlighted when the youngest gets involved with the wrong crowd. As strong-willed and determined as Gram is, her real strength shows when her weaknesses are revealed. And then there’s Gene… sweet, caring, unreliable Gene. It’s not his fault he had to choose life for Cat over freedom for himself, it’s not his fault he is governed by a set of unbreakable genie rules, and it’s not his fault he’s thrown into the chaos of family relationships. But, he prevails, making a comeback in the most remarkable way.

This book is more than a light-hearted romance. The colourful cast of three-dimensional characters will settle inside your soul and make themselves at home. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, and they’ll make you think about all the “what ifs” in your own life.

Want to learn more about Heather? Please visit her at:

Her official website:
Twitter: @hgracestewart