Monday, September 26, 2016

Alice-Angel of Time by E. Graziani: Editor's Review

Everyone loves a happy ending—especially when it comes to young adult romance. Unfortunately, Alice of the Rocks by E. Graziani didn’t give us what we expected. The love story was sweet, the characters memorable, but there was only one ending Ms. Graziani could have written to maintain the integrity of the novel, and that’s what she gave us.

Lucky for us, a sequel was in the works, ensuring that readers wouldn’t be left disappointed, especially since they had been left wanting more after the first book. In Alice–Angel of Time, Ms. Graziani brings the Tuscan countryside of Italy back to life, along with her memorable cast of characters, including Alice, Claudio, and Leonardo da Vinci, to bring the story to its true conclusion.

Written with warmth and elegance, detailing a landscape lush in beauty, Alice–Angel of Time is everything a sequel needs to be and possibly more. While the characters remained the same, their dilemmas changed, forcing them to think beyond their immediate needs and resources. When Alice couldn’t conceive of a viable way to safely return to the past, the intervention of plausible future science propelled both her and the plot forward. When Claudio needed to find a way to escape Renaissance Italy… well, I won’t give away spoilers, but suffice to say, it happened in the least expected way.

Ms. Graziani has a knack for creating perfectly imperfect characters who take up space and make themselves at home in your mind. Alice is smart, determined, and resourceful, yet stubborn and selfish enough to be believable. Claudio, who on the surface is the perfect book boyfriend, also carries his flaws alongside his strengths, making him all the more desirable.

This two-part series is what Disney movies are made of: feisty characters, troubled villains, and unexpected heroes set against a scenic background of beauty and elegance. Suitable for most ages, this series will captivate any reader who is a fan of romance, history, and strong female characters.

Below, you'll find the book blurbs and covers for both books, but first, don't forget to check out the rest of the blog tour stops; they're a virtual tour of Alice and Claudio's adventures in Italy. The complete list of stops can be found on the Writerly Yours website. The next, and last, stop on the tour is a return to E. Graziani's blog for a recap of this amazing journey. 

Alice of the Rocks by E. Graziani

Born in 1495 and raised in 2012, Alice Ferro’s life has been anything but normal. The only problem is, she doesn’t know it. As a 17-year-old in 2029, she has an ideal life, complete with loving parents, the latest technical gadgets, and a summer vacation in Italy. Upon arriving in Florence, sensations of surreal memories begin to surface, leaving her puzzled and confused.

Knowing that reconnecting with his lost love could be dangerous for both of them, but willing to take the risk, Claudio Moro seeks out Alice in her new world. His very existence in 1512 is at stake! Having been accused of both treason and murder, he needs Alice to help clear his name and redeem his family’s honour. The question is, will Alice remember their love and care enough to leave her perfect future to redirect his doomed past?

*Available for Kindle, Kobo, and in print.

Alice-Angel of Time by E. Graziani

The dramatic conclusion to Alice of the Rocks!

Their love transcends time, space, and conflict.

Alice Ferro did not travel 500 years into the past to save her soulmate from persecution only to discover her journey had been in vain! Forced to return from 1512 Italy to 2029 Canada without him, she cannot focus on family, school, or friends as thoughts of Claudio constantly flood her mind. When she discovers her love’s future is dire, Alice decides she must return to the past to save him once and for all.

With some help, a bit of deceit, and a lot of determination, Alice sets off to rescue Claudio. Unfortunately, she hadn’t planned on things going so terribly wrong, and she soon finds her own life in peril.

Written with charm and intelligence, the sequel to Alice of the Rocks encompasses everything you could want in a young adult, time-travel romance. Adventure, true love, intrigue, and dynamic characters fill the pages alongside the elegant landscape of Renaissance Italy.

*Available for Kindle, Kobo, and in print.