Thursday, May 26, 2016

Shadow Shifts Blog Tour Wrap-Up

Blog tours are tricky little things. There's so much organization that goes into them before and during the event, and that's not including interviews and guest posts that need to be written up. Scheduling posts, creating new content, keeping things consistent, and promoting the tour make for a full-time job. Luckily, I had Priya from Writerly Yours PR to help keep things under control.

I've had a lot of fun travelling the virtual globe and sharing tidbits about writing and Shadow Shifts (Liminal Series, Book Two). Meeting new bloggers and reconnecting with familiar friends makes the tour that much better. On Chantel DaCosta's blog, I  talked about the importance of community, and blog tours help to create that in the virtual writing world.

If I had to choose a favourite post, I'd be stumped. The interview questions from both Jorie Loves a Story and the Bemused Bookworm really made me think about my craft, the Liminal Series, and the message I send to readers. Talking about creating Urban Fantasy on L. Lombard's blog and writing for young adults on Chantel DaCosta's blog had me considering what readers need in comparison to what I want to write. Stepping outside of my comfort zone, I did a little research on fairies around the world for The Big To Do List and was surprised by both the similarities and differences to be found. The Crafty Angels showcased the adorable fairy lanterns I created for the Shadow Shifts launch in April, and even Tissa, a Liminal creature, had a chance to have her say on the Late Night Reveries blog. The posts were rounded off by a stunning review from MADD World that reminded me of why I write.

All in all, I'd say it was a successful tour that reached around the world from Canada to the US to Jamaica to India... maybe someday, I'll get to do a real tour of the world and meet these fabulous bloggers in person!

In case you missed it, here is the blog tour schedule. The giveaway has ended, but the books are always in stock via Amazon and Kobo. If you're looking for print books, Liminal Lights and Shadow Shifts are available through Amazon and various other online outlets.

May 15: Official Tour Launch—Writerly Yours:
May 16: Writing Urban Fantasy—Lisette Lombard:
May 17: Interview/Excerpt—Jorie Loves a Story:
May 18: The Difference Between Writing for Middle Grade and Adults—Chantel DaCosta:
May 19: Interview—Bemused Bookworm—
May 21: Book Review—MADD World—
May 22: Fairies around the world—The Big To Do List:
May 23: Community is vital for writing—Chantel DaCosta:
May 24: Fairy Lantern Tutorial—The Crafty Angels:
May 25: Tissa Has Her Say—Amrita—
May 26: Closing blog—Jennifer Bogart:

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