Sunday, February 16, 2014

For the love of short stories...

On Friday, Morning Rain Publishing (MRP) released five short stories - one of which was mine. Each story can be purchased separately via the MRP website, Amazon, Kobo, and Google Books. However, if you'd like a treat, and bit of a savings, all five can be purchased as a compilation exclusively from Morning Rain Publishing. When you hit the "buy now" button, eJunkie tells you the format of the book is a PDF, but if you email, the nice people over there will send you the file format of your choice. 

Here are the books that are included in the compilation:

Letters and Illusions by Jaclyn Aurore

For months, a mysterious letter has kept Candice and Jason apart. When Jason returns to the small town of Springbrook, Candice demands answers. “Letters and Illusions” is Jaclyn Aurore’s third publication. Her other works include the Starsville Saga: Starting Over, and Standing Up.
Under the Stars by Jennifer Bogart

Ryan might be running from his past, but Willow is searching for her future. The two meet on rocky ground, and work to find secure footing in the topsy-turvy world of love. “Under the Stars” is written by Jennifer Bogart, author of “Money, Masks & Madness”, “Reflections”, and “Remember Newvember”.
Happy Enough by Anita Dolman

Caught in an eerie pattern of history repeating itself, Jeff discovers that he and his wife have fallen into the trap of complacency. “Happy Enough” is a story of love, acceptance, rejection, and renewal.  Anita Dolman’s work has appeared in journals and magazines throughout Canada and the United States, including: GrainBywords.caThe Antigonish Review, Ottawater, GeistThe Storyteller MagazinePRISM internationalUtne andThe Fiddlehead, and in the anthology Decalogue: ten Ottawa poets (Chaudiere Books, Ottawa, 2006).
Extra-Large Double-Double by L.J. Ivers

Unkempt and carefree, sporting her favourite pajamas and bed-head, Marci Gale set out in an early morning blizzard to answer her sister’s plea for babysitting. Little did she know an adventure awaited her, all because of a simple cup of coffee, unexpectedly paid for by a devilish stranger. “Extra-Large Double-Double” is L.J. Iver’s first publication. Her first novel “Currents” is awaiting publication and a paranormal romance trilogy, entitled “Soul Seeds”, is her current work in progress.
Escaping Ivernee by Lisa Toohey

Imprisoned in the Ivernee Mines, and sentenced to a life of despair for a crime she didn’t commit, Sarah-Leigh is determined to escape. Both her body and spirit are broken and bruised, but with the kindness of an enigmatic stranger, she starts to regain hope.  Lisa Toohey has dreamed of becoming an author since she first learned to read. Her inspiration can often be found in the wild dreams that plague her sleep. “Escaping Ivernee” is Lisa’s first publication.

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