Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Making it interesting... a challenge.

Like many writers, I’m guilty of neglecting my blog. Not because I’m too busy to write short pieces, but because content is key… and I’m not so great with the create-your-own-non-fiction content. Give me a topic, and I’ll come up with something. Ask me to come up with my own, and I’ll find one-thousand-and-one ways to procrastinate… starting with Facebook and ending with scrubbing behind the toilet.

I’m issuing myself a challenge for 2015, one that you can take up yourself if you’re trying to blog while caught in the trap of “I’m all out of interesting ideas”. Every time I come across a topic that elicits an emotional response from me, I’m going to write about it. I’m not going to sensor my true feelings, nor am I going to edit out my politically-socially-emotionally unacceptable thoughts. This is, after all, my blog. It even has my name on it.

For those who enjoy the words, thanks in advance for the reads, the comments, and the shares. For those who don’t, I’m pretty sure you know how to change the channel (and by channel I mean URL). Just try not to “unfollow” me because I said one thing that’s off-putting. Instead, start a conversation. I love reading other people’s opinions. I also love to argue… sometimes I even do it when I know I’m wrong, just to see how far things can go… it’s the writer in me, often playing devil’s advocate… always searching out new material. 

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