Saturday, January 10, 2015

Presents for everyone!

In celebration of my birthday weekend, all my adult fiction books are free on Kindle! Just follow the links below to download the titles that interest you most.

Willow didn't know that spicing up her routine life with small changes could ultimately lead her through a soul-searching experience that would forever change the way she thinks of herself and the people who surround her.

Roxanne sees a frumpy, dumpy, painfully plain, rundown single mother when she looks in the mirror.  A change of job, an unexpected guest and a fresh look at her teenage daughter give Roxanne new insights into how her life has spiraled into a vortex of nothingness.

Raised by unorthodox parents in a secluded cottage, only to be set free in the wilds of Montreal, Tulip Garden is painfully naive and needs to grow up fast. Torn between money, masks, and the sinking feeling she is falling into madness, Tulip struggles to discover who she is, what she needs, and where she's headed in this crazy escapade called life.

 Don’t have a Kindle eReader? That’s not a problem. Kindle has a number of free apps you can download to your computer, phone, or tablet!

Happy reading!

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