Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Frozen Falls of Niagara

Sometimes, when it's cold and dreary, I forget about the unique beauty of winter. In October and November, when the first bits of fluffy white stuff start to fall, it's fun and exciting. By mid-March, it can feel tiresome and annoying.

Recently, I had the opportunity visit Niagara Falls and had the privilege of seeing nature displayed at it's best. Because of the extreme cold this past February, the falls are partially frozen. The water still runs freely, but with the added allure of intriguing shapes and mystical nuances. Between each layer of snow and ice, the light refracts, creating gorgeous blues and greens and grays. From every angle, something new is revealed in the natural sculptures.

I wish I had a better camera so I could share the magic I experienced today. For now, my point-and-shoot pictures will have to do. If you have the chance, it's worth the drive to see this amazing landmark in the winter.

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