Friday, October 9, 2015

It's time to choose!

The time has come to make a decision. Jo Clendening has sent me several cover concepts, and as usual, I'm having a difficult time choosing. I like them all for different reasons. Since I'm not the one selecting the book from a sea of novels on the virtual shelf, my opinion probably isn't as important as the reader's.


Let me know - which is your favourite?

To help with your choice, here is the book blurb:

One dare. 30 days. 30 new experiences. Newvember is deep, investigative thinking disguised as chick lit.

When Willow decides to take the stairs, instead of the elevator, she runs into Sawyer, who knocks her off her feet, and something in her psyche shifts. She is propelled into the adventure that is her own life. Filled with twists and turns that can only come from losing her inhibitions, she makes risky decisions, bares her soul, and discovers the chaotic emotions that lurk beneath the surface. Each new event becomes a catalyst in the development of Willow's relationships with her friends, co-workers, siblings, and love interests.

Willow's life will never be the same after Newvember.