Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two Simple Words

Some days, I sit down at the computer with the thought that today is the day. Today I’m going to write all day long, inspiration will take hold, my fingers will fly over the keyboard and magic will spill onto the blank page. On those days, I do write, for an hour or so, and then my imagination dwindles, my determination falters and the well of creativity trickles to a hesitant drip. The desire to write is there, but the words simply won’t present themselves.

To be honest, this doesn’t happen “some days”, it happens most days. I have writer-envy. When I see other writers posting their accomplishments for the day, week, month or year on various social networks, I grow green with envy, forgetting that they have also endured struggles to get the words onto the page.

On a good day, I can spit out three thousand good words; on an excellent day, I can produce over five thousand. Those days are rare and usually only occur if I’ve set myself a nearly impossible deadline. Oftentimes, my plans to write are thwarted by other obligations of my own creation. When I try to treat writing like a typical nine to five job, it backfires. Apparently, my muse doesn’t like to be told when to come out to play.

This week, I did something incredible. I typed two words that mean the world to me. Two simple words that put a song in my heart and let me know I can do this thing called writing, stay focused and the accomplishment will come. I wrote “The End” on the second book of the Liminal Lights series. Yes, I know I completed the second book before the first one. I’m also aware it’s in dire need of a solid edit. Putting the work that still needs to be done aside for just a moment, I can celebrate my accomplishment.
So, cheers to me – I did it!

And now, back to work I go. I have goals to meet this year, words to write, chapters to edit and dreams to turn into reality.  

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