Saturday, April 13, 2013

NaPoWriMo: Cecilia Satterthwa​ite

April is National Poetry Writing Month. In celebration of poets everywhere, and to encourage those who are just embarking on their literary journey, I will be posting poetry (not mine) each day for the month of April. Please take a look and enjoy this special art.

Cecilia Satterthwa​ite

Stories have always buzzed in my mind, but it wasn't till my health deteriorated that I started writing, being inspired by an interview of Catherine Cookson. In it she said she planed the plot and characters while resting. Needing to rest a lot at the time I thought writing stories might be fun.

The first piece I wrote was a science fiction story, but discovered I didn't know the science it needed. After doing a science degree with the Open University made me happy that I knew enough to get by I started to do creative writing courses. It was at the classes I started to write poems and stories for children.Although stories are wonderful, poems have a richness of sound and meaning that for their size can out shine any prose.

Zoo Twilight is a fun way to learn the alphabet.

You can find out more about Cecilia Satterthwa​ite on her Authonomy profile. 

Zoo Twilight

Ants walk over paths and through grass
Bats flying their flickering flight pass
Cats who fluff up their fur and swear
Dogs who’ve watch the sun set bark
Elephants trumpet as dark gathers
Flies swarm from the lake
Geese fly in to doze on lawns
Hippopotami emerge to graze
Iguanas hurry to their burrows
Jays squawk sleepily in the eves
Kites hide in the walls
Lions roar out a challenge
Monitor lizards flick their tongues  
Nocturnal gnats appear around lamps
Orange moths gather to dance
Pelicans formation swim as they fish
Quail scamper to shelter of roots
Rabbits nibble at lettuce
Swans large and small head landward
Turtles bite chunks of greenery
Unloved skunks scurry along the trail
Voles creep beneath the shrubs
Wrens snuggle down in their nests
Xylophones ring out from the house
Yawning children wander home
Zebras watch them go

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