Monday, April 22, 2013

NaPoWriMo: Tracey Schedler

April is National Poetry Writing Month. In celebration of poets everywhere, and to encourage those who are just embarking on their literary journey, I will be posting poetry (not mine) each day for the month of April. Please take a look and enjoy this special art.

Tracey Schedler


I started writing poetry in highschool for no specific reason except for that I liked it and enjoyed challenging myself to put my thoughts onto paper. Many of my poems are untitled and as I edited some for Jenn's blog I found that I still was not able, or willing, to attach a title to them. I figured if it felt too forced I should let them be.

Every one of my poems is from the heart and carries a different emotion within it. I am by no means a professional and have taken no formal writing classes but I enjoy it and as an amateur I hope you do too.


the brown hangs down to block her vision
but it does not disturb her concentration
because she works with total magnification
and with one fatal swoop she regains her vision


The tale takes place on a cold and blustery day 
All the rodents are scurrying to find a place to stay, 
Their food is gone, now what to do for the next two months 
While they hide away and play with joyful bunts. 

Everything has a coating of soft white and glistens 
The sun shines down and the passerbys silently listen, 
Crunch crunch under their feet yet only a few more weeks 
And then little shoots will start to sprout on the street. 

Flowers here and flowers there flowers popping up everywhere 
But alas a boy stomps on them and the flowers are nowhere, 
Rodents play in the flourishing fields and have a feast 
Then go for a relaxing swim in the creek because it's the least 
To enjoy the magnificent scents of summer and cherish them always


Tis Sunday but not just another day
for someone just got one year older
but not to fret my friend
because from this day on you will just get wiser

This day comes but once a year
and is one to always remember
while others plan on the perfect gift
you scurry about with a natural lift 

Now that you've had time to recall
all your other special days
and to discover why this one is different
is simply because they are never the same


There was a bright star called Glee 
No brighter a star one could see 
It winked at the earth 
As if t'were in birth 
It's a star I wish to be.


A leaf I wish to be 
So shimmery, light and carefree 
I'd hang from a tree 
And pretend I could see 
For a leaf I wish to be.


I Am I am a bleacher groupie, brown-haired girl, 
I wonder where my bosom buddies are, 
I hear the rhythm of the pounding music, 
I want to yell, scream, make myself heard, 
I feel like dancing and stomping on the flimsy bleacher boards, 
I need to move, get active, bounce around, raise some hell, 
I pretend I am a professional air diver, 
I jump from my spot and land on some soft people, 
I think I may not be held for much longer, 
I do not worry, they'll move me towards the floor because 
I am a bleacher groupie, brown-haired girl.


  1. Very nice poems adding a lift to my step on the long workday Monday.