Sunday, November 10, 2013

So you think you can NaNo... Day 10, 2013

For a moment, I thought today was going to be a repeat of yesterday, minus the basement clean-out. Somehow, I managed to write my character into the kind of lingering depression that made me want to throw her out the window, just to shut her up. I'm writing a sequel to Money, Masks & Madness - the book is supposed to be all stuff and fluff, but I somewhere along the line I managed to take a wrong turn.

Lucky for me, and my MC, the day was broken up by a Remembrance Day parade and service, followed by a kid's hockey game. The break did us both a world of good, and I managed to introduce a plausible distraction, complete with a tiny romantic interlude...

Today's word count totaled 1722 words (not quite making up for yesterday's slump), and left me sitting pretty at 17 772 words. I'm not ahead, but I'm not behind, so it's all good.

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