Sunday, November 3, 2013

So you think you can NaNo... Day 3, 2013

Today's NaNo distractions started with the raking of leaves and the shoveling of acorns in the backyard. The weather was too enchanting to spend the entire day inside at a computer, so family time and yard work took priority. 

When the work was done, my boys decided a little Animal Planet was in order, so they watched a documentary on Giant Squids while I worked away at my project, guilt-free. It was all going well until the show turned to the subject of squid sex. My twelve-year-old had a question, or two, or three...

When sex ed was done for the day, it was time to pack in the writing and head out to a volunteer meeting. Upon my return, there was dinner to cook, dishes to do and more words to write. 

By eight o'clock I managed to produce 2019 words for a grand total of 5063 words - putting me back on track for tomorrow. Yay me!

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