Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So you think you can NaNo... Day 5, 2013

Today I managed 1609 words for a grand total of 8566... not bad for day five, not bad at all.

I also managed to edit a few thousand words, write a few letters, and sneak in snuggles with my youngest, who now has the plague. We thought it had waved good-bye and left the house for good, but it turns out it snuck back in for hugs and kisses.

All in all, a rather boring, but productive day with nothing too exciting to report. The best distraction all day was watching bits of Men in Black. My favourite line? "Elvis isn't dead, he just went home."

And here is a random picture of my dog - because she's gorgeous and there are too many cat pictures on the internet.


  1. Keep at it! You have to do it! For writers like me who already started a manuscript and can't use it for NANOWRIMO! Keep at it and NO MORE INTERNET (except to like comments on my page of course ) lol.

    1. Please don't take away my internet! If you do, I might never sprint across the finish line. :)