Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Come with me... NaPoWriMo Day 9

While the rest of my world is settling into sleep, I'm writing about it. Thanks to my writer-friend Lockie for giving me the suggestion. He has a bit of poetry of his own on his website - so when you're done reading mine, you should definitely take a look at his.

Come with me

Come with me to the fairy land
So we can dance under the stars
While listening to the pixie band
As they strum on their guitars.

Come with me to the land of dreams
So we can skip with abandon
Through the forest and in the streams
You'll be my constant companion.

Come with me to find the night
So we can play together
Within the shelter of moonlight
Please stay with me forever.

Come with me to the place called sleep
So we can drift with freedom
Letting our minds sink down deep
Into ethereal wisdom.


  1. Thank you my internet friend, oh...and by the way, you nailed it! Beautifully done.