Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sweet Temptation... NaPoWriMo Day 10

I'm posting before midnight! 

This one is in response to Scott Butcher's suggestion I write about chocolate... which I love above all other foods... even though I know that the smallest taste will lead me into trouble... because I have no willpower... 

Sweet Temptation

Please don't tempt me 
With your velvety voice
And your sensual eyes
And your delicious scent. 
Even a taste
Could ruin everything
By teasing the beast
That lurks deep inside. 

Please don't lure me
With your warmth and charm
And  sweet sensations.
Even a hint
Could weaken my resolve
By enticing lust
That simmers within. 

Please understand me
When I say I love you
But I can't have you
Nor should I need you. 
Even one lapse
Could destroy the trust
My body demands
So it can be strong. 

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