Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We Belong... NaPoWriMo - Day 16

I promised Scott Butcher I'd write about eagles... but I didn't say what I'd write. Only that they would be present in my poem, and I'd link back to his fabulous pictures on Facebook.

I also promised my 17-year-old that I would write about seahorses...

And I always keep my promises.

We Belong

I am the eagle
Majestic and strong
My perch is the highest
In the sky, hear my song.

I am the seahorse
Gentle and pure
I drift with the current
In water, I endure. 

You are so tiny
Paltry and small
An ocean is binding
Not for me, at all.

You are gigantic
Huge and immense
The sky is expansive
It doesn't make sense. 

We are both rulers
Just drifting along
Enjoying the elements
Of where we belong.

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