Monday, April 7, 2014

NaPoWriMo... the commitment issue...

Was it only seven days ago I said I decided to do this crazy poetry thing?

Stepping out of my writing comfort zone is one thing, promising to write poetry everyday for 30 days is quite another. First of all - it's harder than I expected it to be, and I knew it wouldn't be easy. I'm not whining or moaning or making up excuses; I'm simply stating a fact. Good poets make it look easy, but this is work. Really challenging, heart-wrenching, soul-searching work.

Soul Searching

Sometime in the night you saw me
Sitting in the dark, in the light blue chair,
Tears long dried on my cheeks, nose red, eyes puffy,
You knew better than to interrupt my reverie.

The words simply dried up inside of me,
I couldn't find my voice, I'd lost my flair.
Words silenced in my heart, dried up, all  musty,
Locked in a world of despair without energy.

Slowly, silently, you stepped away from me,
Letting me mourn my loss, leaving me there
To ponder the right and wrong of my trusting
The well to be full, overflowing with generousity.

As you faded away, I knew that you saw me
Offered your strength, enveloped me in care,
And compassion, and love, and curiousity
To awaken the dream within, and lend constancy.

Sometime in the night you saw me,
Sitting in the dark, in the light blue chair,
Eyes gleaming, mind whirling, lips curling
Into a smile filled with light, love, and novelty.

Woman Writing at a Table 1905 Artist:  Anschutz, Thomas Pollock


  1. I really love this! You conjure beautiful images.

  2. This is my favorite so far, nice work!

    1. Thanks. It's funny, when I posted it last night (this morning, actually, at 12:30am) I wasn't so fond of it -but it's growing on me.