Sunday, April 20, 2014

Liminal Legend... NaPoWriMo, Day 20

My book, Liminal Lights, will be released May 15th by Morning Rain Publishing. The poem below is a teaser for the book... sort of. 

Liminal Legend

In the days before the Liminals came,
The world was dark and dreary.
Man had no creative flame:
His life was dull and weary.

Then came a spark, a tiny light,
A magic so pure and untainted. 
It smoldered into something bright:
Never to be captured or painted. 

This energy surged deep within,
The power too vast to be harboured.
Man needed help from another kin:
Who came from the cosmos and laboured. 

Their essence thrived in ethereal light,
Their outlook bright and lively.
With skill and care they brightened the night:
Weaving their craft so wisely.  

Another creature discovered their blessing,
Its spirit was dark and murky.
With a hunger that was all encompassing:
It drank in the precious energy.

Man did not know who to trust,
His power was sacred - unstable.
Liminal secrets were scattered to dust,
Reduced to nothing but fable. 


  1. Thank you - I think I'll tweak it and use it for when the book comes out.